From a small place located in Friuli Venezia Giulia to the established presence in 60 countries around the world. CMA ROBOTICS is the story of passion and vision of three people: Paolo Piano, Sergio Della Mea and Marco Zanor. In the 90’s Piano aimed to create anthropomorphic robots for industrial painting: two of its former employees were involved with the clear vision of combining the best skills in electronics, mechanics and electro-mechanics for the service of new robotics. It was 1993 and CMA was born.

Hardware & Software Designer

Electromechanical designer

Technical Supervisor

The first prototype is from 1994: an anthropomorphic robot with advanced technology for painting chairs, designed for the companies need in the "chair triangle cluster", the territory of the north-east Italy dedicated to the production of furniture. In 1997 a Brazilian company requested the creation of customised robots for painting plastic. That task shines a bright light on the potential of CMA products and its international competitiveness.

In 1999 CMA was one of the first companies to be awarded the ISO 9001 Quality System;

In 2002 CMA was awarded, unexpectedly, the prize of the Udine Chamber of Commerce for Work and Economic Progress;

The following year the German branch CMA Roboter was born;

In 2005 CMA completely renewed its image: new logo and new colour of the robots to make them recognizable on the market;

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Being both a manufacturer and an integrator in the world of robotics means that CMA not only built each machine according to the customers need, but also takes care of its final integration into advanced and complex production systems and processes. CMA develops everything in-house, both the mechanical part and the software, guaranteeing direct control, quality, performance, flexibility and speed of implementation. This is the DNA of CMA and the key to its international success.

The difference is in the simplicity: thanks to the self-teaching, the robot is driven by human in a first learning process, easily manageable even by those who are not a specialized programmer. The paint job changes role: operator manages the machine, is no more in direct contact with chemicals, controls quality, works more efficiently and in a protected environment.
With self-generation of the programs, a step further is made: thanks to the vision systems, the robot recognizes the shape, size and characteristics of the pieces and generates the best program in real time. The machine is able to capture the skills and apply them to the processes.
Since 2015, CMA has been part of the Efort Group, China's largest robot manufacturer, a strategic choice driven by the constant need of innovation. Thanks to this partnership, CMA has at its disposal a team of several specialized engineers to share and implement its know-how and proceeding into important experimentation projects: new machines, new software platforms and new growth scenarios for years to come.

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