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  • customization of painting systems according to the customer needs;
  • complete integration into advanced production systems and processes;
  • precise results in applications;
  • optimisation of production cycles;
  • direct control and quality of performance;
  • flexibility and speed of realization;
  • increase production;
  • reduction of paint consumption;
  • improved healthiness of the environment;
  • better quality of operator’s work;
  • guarantee of ISO 9001/2000 certification;
  • products with ATEX and IECEX certification.

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Directive 2014/34/EU came into force for the regulation of equipment intended for use in areas at risk of explosion; the directive is aimed at manufacturers of equipment intended for the use in areas with potentially explosive atmospheres and manifests itself with the obligation to certify these products. Respect for the regulations is necessary for machines and all industrial equipment operating and working in areas at risk of explosion (zones 1,2,21,22). For this reason, machines operating in potentially explosive atmospheres are converted into explosion-proof modality ("Explosion Proof Protected"). CMA ROBOTICS periodically receives inspections from certifying agencies, offering maximum reliability to its customers.

The table below shows an example of a risk zone classification, the definition of this area is on the responsibility of the customer.


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