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CMA Robotics has been on the market for over twenty-five years and has developed advanced painting robots for many sectors, so also for the metal industry, earning the trust of customers, have been designed the best innovative solutions on the market. Using the latest technologies CMA Robotics has designed complete systems that have immediately brought great advantages in terms of quality and production, minimizing human presence, production time and avoiding paint waste.


CMA in this sector offers:
1. Solutions for liquid and powder coating;

2. Robotic painting solutions for boilers and electric motors and different metal surfaces;

3. Robotic painting with integrated vision system with PTP programming, shape recognition and autogeneration of programs.



Below are some examples of the projects realized in the metal sector:

- Powder coating system for producers of sewage cast iron. The plant includes: automatic painting booth - primer, CMA - 2X painting robot, gelling oven, automatic painting booth - top coat, cleaning booth, curing oven, cooling zone, automatic conveyor.


- The customer asked to provide an automated solution on the new spraying line for agricultural articles on suspended conveyor. CMA Robotics supplied four robots for the different colors required. Also the powder application equipment and the booth were supplied in cooperation with a supplier to guarantee the customer a complete turnkey solution. The customer has chosen CMA Robotics investing in the automation of pre-coating retouching, a fundamental operation for the quality of the coating in terms of coverage and penetration;


- Installation of a robot model GR650 for pre-coating on powder line equipped with an innovative system and 3D scanner for parts position recognition and self-programming of some of its parts. CMA has supplied this system to a well known Italian company of the sector.



Watch the images and videos in this page for further details about the services offered by CMA Robotics for this sector.

For further information you can contact your sales representative.

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