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CMA (WUHU) Robotics co. Ltd

CMA (WUHU) Robotics co. ltd is a joint venture specialized in painting robots that is founded by Efort Intelligent Equipment co. and CMA Robotics Spa in 2015. The company is headquartered in the National Robots Industry Park-Wuhu City.

Efort Intelligent Equipment co. ltd is a high-tech company specializing in industrial robots, large logistics storage equipment, design and manufacturing. Together with CMA Robotics Spa with the founding of CMA Wuhu Robotics is the leading robotics company for the Asian market.

No. 96, East Wanchun road
Jiujiang Economic Development District
Wuhu, Anhui province
tel. +86 0553 5670664
mob. +86 153 57025702
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CMA Robotics Spa, Sole Member
Viale del Lavoro 41 Z.I.U. – 33050 Pavia di Udine / UD/ Italy
P.IVA 01845990306 - Tel. +39 0432 640172 - Fax. +3 9 0432 640018
Company subject to management and coordination by EFORT W.F.C. Holding Spa
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