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Program generation system on PC

The off-line system is a program that allows you to develop and verify the painting program that is performed by the robot. The system starts from a 3d model of the piece on which are placed the points of the painting trajectories that will then determine the movements that the robot will perform.
The program also allows you to manage all the painting parameters of the gun in order to obtain the required result, a system of rendering in different colors will show the amount of color that has achieved the piece at each point. The software uses the same interface found on the robot control and includes an online guide with suggestions of the various functions. Once saved, the program is sent to the robot and it will be processed as a painting program itself. At the same time, the programs executed on the robot can be viewed by the software for any changes and then reloaded on the robot.

Offline programming allows you to:
- Create programs directly from the office saving time and money;
- Verify through a simulation the complete painting process;
- Set process parameters (flow, atomization, fan) and modify them at any time.


The programming of robots has never been so easy as now, define trajectories, run programs, just select your model to paint. The Offline system provides the user with many tools to obtain an easy and fast programming eliminating the need of a specific competence to use the application.



  • Programming without stopping production;
  • Real process simulation;
  • Easy instruction on how to use robot programming;
  • Same interfaces and functions as the robot;
  • Increased productivity.

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