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Management system for six-axis painting robots

Six-axis robot management system based on a fanless industrial PC with an Intel Mobile N270 1.6 GHz processor.
The position and speed control of the robot's axes are carried out by digital drives equipped with an internal DSP capable of updating the dimensions of the axes every 400 microseconds.
The industrial PC accesses the digital drives through a bus based on the industrial Ethernet, the fastest currently on the market.
The user interface is displayed on a mobile panel equipped with an Intel PXA 270 processor at 416 MHz and a Windows CE operating system.
The programming unit is equipped with a 6.5 TFT color touch screen display with a size of 8.6” and a resolution of 640x480 which is also equipped with a three-position dead man safety device for point-to-point programming, an emergency button and a key to disable the touch screen.
In addition to the monitor, a keyboard that provides the most frequently used functions and an analog joystick with three degrees of freedom can also be used for programming.


  • Self-learning programming using a joystick to be applied to the robot wrist;
  • Point to point programming using the mobile panel;
  • Linear and circular interpolation;
  • On-line help for point to point programming;
  • Self-learning programming with synchronization to the conveyor, the program is created with the conveyor in motion and during execution the speed of execution of the program is linked to the speed of the chain;
  • Self-learning, point-to-point programming with stationary piece and program execution on the moving piece (line-tracking);
  • Test mode of point-to-point programs, step-by-step forward and backward execution of instructions for checking stored points;
  • Execution with speed limitation;
  • Moving a component in the Cartesian space (x y z);
  • Up to 6 auxiliary axes, 3 of which can be used interpolated (if required);
  • Up to 8 analogue outputs for controlling conveyor speed and painting parameters;
  • PID control of the quantity of sprayed product integrated in the control;
  • Complete monitoring of the machine status, from the axis dimensions up to the currents absorbed by the electric motors;
  • Alarm diagnostics with error indication on the display and daily storage of errors occurred in exel format;
  • Production statistics: date and time of the start of the batch, date and time of the end of the batch, number of pieces processed, use of the working time, quantity of paint used (if required).

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