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Management system and interface for five-axis painting robots

Management software and interface for five-axis robots based on the Windows XP system, installed on an industrial PC with a 12" color display equipped with a USB port for downloading production data or work programs. The very simple and intuitive interface has been developed to make the use extremely fast, and contains all the functions for painting.


  • Self-learning programming using a joystick to be applied to the robot wrist.
  • Acceleration and slowing down of self-learning programs.
  • Splitting a program into several independent components.
  • Self-learning programming with synchronization to the conveyor, the program is created with the conveyor in motion and during execution the speed of execution of the program is linked to the speed of the chain.
  • Up to 3 auxiliary axes.
  • Interfaces to a load terminal via serial communication.
  • Complete monitoring of the machine status.
  • Alarm diagnostics with error display and daily error storage.
  • Production statistics: date and time of the start of the batch, date and time of the end of the batch, number of pieces processed, use of working time.

Softwares have been developed internally for CMA robots, the R&D and software department is continuously updated and studied to offer the best technologies that can be found on the market. The interface is user-friendly and each program has been developed to improve the customer experience and make it autonomous in the process management. CMA Robotics' technical assistance is at complete disposal and supports the customer from the initial phase of the project following the customer in the years to continue for the resolution of any needs. In addition, in the starting phase of purchase, CMA Robotics is dedicated to training its customers with advanced and easy to learn courses.

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