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Automatic programming system and vertical painting

Fields of application:

  • Hanging elements on overhead conveyors;
  • Windows and doors;
  • Walls of houses;
  • Vertical flat elements;
  • Doors.

Software for the self-generation of programs, equipped with all of the control parameters of movements and application mode completely configurable by the user based on the types of pieces or the quality desired.
The system is equipped with a reading barrier for the dimensional survey of the parts in transit on the transport chain. The objects to be painted are first "photographed" by means of a scanning system positioned before the painting area, the reading data are then sent to a Personal Computer to be manipulated by a software, in order to create an executive program for the robot.
The created program is transmitted to the robot, which, on the basis of pre-constructed tables, associates the image to a painting method optimized by rules, which differ according to the type of item to be painted.
The software is equipped with an online help for setting the characteristics of the programs.
There are no stored programs, each time the system creates a new work program, so any simple or complex form is possible.
The windows or doors are scanned in 3D and the inclination of the hanging pieces is recognized.


  • Automatic generation of coating cycles
  • On-screen simulation of the work cycle to optimize the program
  • No robot management technician required
  • Very accurate process optimization
  • Great saving of paints
  • Exceptional and homogeneous finish quality
  • Increased productivity

CMA has recently installed an automatic painting system for windows and doors with the latest technology on the market. The system is able to paint large windows and AWPS vision system for auto-generation of spraying program. For further information please contact your sales representative.

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