Research & Development

To be at the cutting-edge in a sector with a strong technological propensity is an aim that cannot be ad lib. It is obtained spending resources and energy daily in the study and research of innovative and effective solutions.
For over 20 years CMA Robotics is a company technologically advanced by means of two fundamental resources:
A team made by people with an high professional profile who, thanks to the direct experience gained in the field and the periodic internal and external refresher courses, represents a safe and reliable point of reference for the client. Every day, our electrical and mechanical engineers operate closely together to give exhaustive answers to the inquiries that comes from the market, acquiring valuable competences that become the basis of the clever innovation.

Another fundamental resource is the cooperation with the colleges; with the awareness that innovation is a process raised by the sharing and the direct knowledge confrontation, fruitful cooperation projects with some Universities has been started over the years. The registration of some patents testifies the level of the developed synergy and it proves the validity of the undertaken. A strategy that CMA Robotics will continue to follow, supported by the excellent achieved results.

Testing Lab

A lab dedicated to testing the products and to the experimentation of the new technologies is the feather in the cap of the CMA Robotics R&D Dept.

Here our engineers operates closely with the test center where are studied the conceived solutions, the robots are tried out with more than 200 hours and upon request, the client can try out the technology offered or for example, how to interface with a self-learning robot and with the software applications.
To keep an high standard quality, there is a continuous updating for all the staff, with internal and external courses