GR-630 ST/G
Standard version. Anthropomorphous robot with six degrees of freedom, fit for painting in line, where there is an overhead or floor conveyor systems. This robot is very versatile and, thanks to its optimum pneumatic balancing, it is suitable both for the self-learning programming and point to point system.

GR-630 G Robot with 2/3/4 arm carousel. The arms are supplied with a rotation group, which is synchronized with the robot and they can be arranged with different unit supports according the needs. The units can be loaded manually or automatically in a safe area; the carousel provides to their positioning to be processed on the frontal side and lately it brings them back in the unloading area. The arms, thanks to their configuration, allow to perform the programming easily. The carousel rotation is made by a controlled axis with programmable speed adjustment.

Number of robot axes 6
Number of external axes 6
Working area 2.100
Pay load wrist 3 kg
Mounting Floor - ceiling - wall - by cart
Programming Self-learning/Point to Point/Off-line
Robot weight 490 kg
Robot protection degree IP 65
ATEX Certification for use in potentially hazardous areas EEX-P
Conveyor synchronization
Line Tracking
Automatic control of the spraying parameters
Remote Tele-assistance
Off-Line programming
ATEX execution
Movement Servo-controlled
Number of arms 2-3-4
Portata singolo braccio 35 kg
Robot weight 840 Kg
Movement Servo-controlled and synchronized
Adjustable supports for pieces