green Self-learning painting robot Self-learning painting robot
These anthropomorphous robots have been conceived for the automatic painting and studied for every application sector as wood, plastic, metal, sanitary ware, fabric, etc.
These are very simple 5-axes models, even if extremely fast, with direct self-learning programming or very sophisticated 6-axes models model with point to point or self-learning or off line programming or external self-generating systems.
In the direct self-learning programming, the user drives manually, through a joystick, the robot in a complete spraying cycle over a sample. The computer control stores all the paths and commands received; in order to be able later to repeat them faithfully with the desired speed. This method makes very easy the use of the robot because, during the sample parts processing, it is possible to check the program on progress and any eventual error can be correct easily. So, it’s very useful to varnish complex-shape pieces.
The CMA robots are certified for use in potentially explosive areas as per ATEXAtex - norms

Robot 5 Axes

GR 520 ST/G

Robot 6 Axes

GR 610

GR 630 ST/G

GR 650 ST/G

GR 680

GR 6100 E

GR 6100 HW

GR 6150 HW

GR 6160