The answer is in the Customer’s Inquiry.

CMA Robotics is an innovative company because it works closely with their customers; along with them, it implements the sector needs and it develops the fittest solutions.
The strong relationship created by a fruitful collaboration is a confidence warranty, reliability and attention to detail that can be given just through a partnership
Many of the offered solutions has been developed jointly with the customer who knows all the secrets about the painting process of its own products.

The cooperation is fundamental as CMA Robotics, in addition to designing and producing anthropomorphous robots and complete painting solutions, works with their integration into the final plant of the customer.
The latter is a phase whose outcome cannot ignore a relationship with a fully objectives sharing.
Before being submitted to the client, our answers are carefully evaluated by the R&D Dept.; we use sophisticated role play software that allows us to understand the feasibility, the cycle time and above all to find the right machine among the many available.

Moreover, with the aim to improve the use of its products, CMA Robotics schedules in its own premises customized training courses.

CMA Robotics courses.

Customers are invited to test on hands-on experience the quality of the supplied solutions in order to make the most the potential.
Even for a optimum maintenance of the robots and painting plant, the courses are an important added-value.