CMA Robotics consider the fairs as a valuable meeting and discussion moment with the customers and the market; an opportunity to evaluate and understand the needs of the present and the scenes of the future.
Hereinafter, you find the calendar of the main exhibitions where we’ll take part with our best products and innovative solutions.

Year 2019
Fiera Localita Periodo
LIGNA 2019 Hannover 27 – 31 Marzo
GLOBAL INDUSTRIE LIONE Lione Dal 5 al 8 marzo 2019
Year 2018
Fiera Localita Periodo
BIMU Milano ottobre 2018
XYLEXPO Milano maggio 2018
PAINTEXPO Karlsruhe aprile 2018
INDUSTRIE PARIS Parigi marzo 2018
HOLZ - HANDWERK Norimberga marzo 2018